Interior Paint Adds Value, Beauty and Protection

Painting the interior of your home not only protects your largest asset from damage, but also improves the look of your home, a fashion accessory that can update your look instantly. Painting both interior and exterior of your home increases the value of your home by up to $4000. That’s an ROI bump on average of 107% for interior painting!

According to a National Association of Realtors poll,  66% of real estate agents recommend interior painting as a must prior to listing your home. In addition, if you are planning a remodel or update you will need to plan to paint your home every 7-8 years depending on wear and tear.

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Our Interior Home Painting Process


We will come to you for a free inspection and quote process. After checking for damage, peeling paint, faded paint, water spots, etc. we will give you a quote. Some repairs may be needed to prep your walls for a fresh coat.


After the patching is done, we will tape of areas and begin painting. We wear booties and cover important furniture so there is no damage to the rest of your home.

Things to Consider Before Painting the Inside of your Home

Color effects mood:

Neutral tones work better in bedrooms where a calming effect is in order. Bright colors work well in Kitchens and entry ways.

Daylight can change the color of your room over the length of the day as well as effect the heating and cooling in your home. A dark color on a south facing wall of windows will absorb heat. Lighter colors will reflect heat.

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