commercial paint contractor

Commercial Painting Contractor

Commercial Painting covers larger public buildings such as office buildings, churches, retail malls, stores, and restaurants. Commercial painters may also cover multi-family residential dwellings such as apartment complexes and condos or associations like HOA’s.

Commercial painting also includes the interior of buildings as well as the exterior. A professional commercial painter knows the correct way to apply paint to protect your investment, as well as consult on the correct paint formula to ensure long life.

A professional Commercial Painter also has experience working with contractors, often able to provide an estimate based off the architectural blueprints. Professional painters may also power wash your building to make sure the foundation for your paint is ready to receive and bond to fresh paint.

  • Exterior Painting for large office buildings
  • Interior Painting for large office buildings
  • Church interior paint and exterior paint
  • Hotel Painting
  • Motel Painting
  • Drywall Painting
  • Power Washing
  • Church Painting
  • Retail Store Painting
  • Condo Association Painting
  • Multi-Unit Apartment Exterior Painting, and Interior Painting
  • Homeowner Association (HOA) Painting

When to Choose Residential vs Commercial Painting 

A Professional Commercial Painter is not much different from a Residential Painter. The difference is the size and scope of the project, building materials, and ability of your painting contractor to handle a large project. A commercial painting contractor will have the equipment and staff to be able to handle both large buildings and residences.

A commercial painter will also have experience working with contractors, meeting project deadlines, working with commercial building materials and knowing the kinds of paint that work better with specific material.